Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's Still Stella's World

Last Friday I was mentally drafting a blog post.  An ode to all the rude people who've been asking me if I'm pregnant.  Hello people.  I had taken a pregnancy test in late September and it was negative.  It's the holiday season.  The turkey, stuffing and cookies add up.  I bought Lindsay Brin's Post Natal boot camp, signed myself up for our family's Biggest Loser and vowed to get on top of the problem.

Then I felt a flutter.  A flutter that surely was gas.  Surely.  Except my mind starting running wild.  Could those nosy people be right?  How could I be pregnant?  Remember this friend?  This kind of thing happens all the time.  And so, for peace of mind, I took the test. 

Positive.  If this one was right, how far along could I be?  A July baby perhaps.  However, pregnancy tests aren't %100.  But ultrasounds are.
Today we found out this little lady is going to be a big sister.  And somehow I missed the first 20 weeks of pregnancy.  Yes, that's right friends.  I didn't know...For. 20. Weeks.  Everyone gets tired, right?  My pelvis could be shifting back INTO place.  On and on the things you tell yourself when your subconscious isn't ready for #2.  Our #2 is coming in April. 

This year our Christmas miracle is a healthy baby.  Without prenatals, extra water or rest, or super tight blood sugar control the little Skittle looks good.  Naturally, we feel very blessed and are praying for continued good news.
Pregnancy #1--19 Weeks
 Pregnancy #2--20 weeks
We're overwhelmed.  And excited.  And oh yeah, it's a boy.  
We are currently accepting suggestions for a new blog title.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010


I try.  Sometimes I really want to be.  But crafty falls into the category of "Things I Am Not." 
Here were some recent project ideas...
 Make an imitation of this lovely Pottery Barn advent calendar.  Then I looked closer.  Each pocket is perfectly detailed--a ballerina, a scarfed cat.  The original is over 5 feet tall.  If I spent every spare moment on it, I could probably finish it by March.  Who was I kidding? 

Wrap a foam wreath in yarn.  Check.  Make a handful of gorgeous felt flowers.  It surely would take a few tries and a tutorial from my mother, but I figured I could manage.  I was going to place my flowers off to the side a little and leave the branch out.  As I searched around NYC for high quality felt, felted wool actually, I started calculating my materials cost.  And then, as I added in my time and travels, I realized it would make more sense to fork over the $40 to her and have this wreath arrive on my doorstep, hassle free. 

This year we don't have a wreath or a huge evergreen tree advent calendar, but I did string up some white Christmas lights, decorate our little (faux) tree, and have holiday play lists going round the clock.  It feels festive.  And now I'm off to see if I can transform what turned out to be cheap tissue paper into red and white Martha Stewart pompoms.  Wish me luck. 

Monday, December 06, 2010

Get These

Really.  The following baby products make motherhood much easier.  When we have another baby, these will all be on hand.  Until then, I just try to push them on every pregnant woman I know.  (Candice, Have a pen handy?)

Kicky Pants bamboo stretch blankets.  The stretch makes a swaddling so easy, they're very soft and the prints are lovely. 
 I watched a wise mother using one of these Munchkin formula dispensers in church one Sunday.  You can make a bottle in 30 seconds with one hand (plus a knee or stroller). 
I'm a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl, and it's harder than one might think to find a solid-colored, not over-embelished shirt for babies.  And then I found Andee Lew baby bodysuits.  Perfection.
Our bathtub is deep and it seems even deeper when you're hanging over the side for 20 minutes.  This has saved our knees and backs, and as promised "makes bath time more fun for everyone."

Friday, December 03, 2010

too busy to blog...

but she did!
In the 8 months of Stella's life, I've missed a lot of opportunities. One that I particularly regret was not having professional newborn pictures taken of Stella. Perhaps my MIL knew how much I'd one day regret this (that one day came quick). On one of our October trips, she arranged for the exceptional Haley Miller to take Stella's 6th month pictures. Stella already seems so much older than she was in these pictures. Haley was fast (you only have so much time with babies), has terrific energy and adorable props. If you're looking for a photographer, I'll add mine to a long list of recommendations. (She also shot my sister in law's wedding and those pictures are just as fantastic).

Friday, November 19, 2010


Her face seems to say, "I'm going to sit right here and play with the toys you gave me." Not two minutes later she wiggled, scooted, and crawled her way over to empty the bags on to the floor.  Who knew pulling out diapers, receipts and shoes was so fun? 

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Stella Rocks

And so it begins.  Look who's on her hands & knees.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Getting Through The Night

Between travel, a seasonal cold or two, Stella's eating habits, and mostly a big soft spot for this little face, we created a nightmare.   We were getting up at least once a night to pop her pacifier back in and at 5:00 for a little snack.  Only sometimes would she go back to sleep after that snack.  The preference is to climb all over us in bed.  Trust me, I'm a MUCH better mother when I'm rested.
So we decided to let Stella cry it out.  Jason and I are covering our ears with pillows and trying to keep our heart rates down.
Night 1-- cried from 3:40-4:30 and woke up cheerful at 7:00. 
Night 2-- fussed twice for 10 minutes and woke up chatting at 6:30.
Jason's been a little groggy at work, I take a morning nap, and our neighbors probably despise us.  Although I hesitate to declare victory after two nights, it seems to be working.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

In The Genes?

Jason has crazy bed head....and it can't be tamed with a comb and water.  It requires a full shampooing.  It seems that, among other things, Stella has inherited her father's hair.  See the resemblance? 

This post really only warrants one picture of Stella.  But I just could not choose. 
happy tuesday.

Monday, November 08, 2010

monday mornings

stella's napping.   i should take one too.  after all, day light savings (which used to be one of my favorite days of the entire year) and a cold have rocked our schedules.  i was up steaming the congested little duckie in the bathroom at 4:30 this morning.  as i sat rocking her on the edge of the tub, i thought, "well this is fair, i'm sure my mom did this for us."  then years later we moved to house with a steam shower so when we were congested, a little brown chair was plopped in the shower for us.

this morning, i can hear sleet falling from the sky and i have to run a few errands.  errands make city living exhausting.  first i plan the order of my stops.  definitely michael's first because felt and glue are lighter than food.  then i figure out exactly which groceries i need which determines which market i go to (and which transportation to take) and how i should travel stella (stroller or carrier).  ah, see?  tiring. 

i can't be too down on nyc.  yesterday the marathoners ran their 22nd mile by our apartment.  did i post the same thing last november?  probably.  they are inspiring.  i only got this one shot of the leading women (it was chilly and stella was sick).  the american with the high socks went on to take 2nd place in her first marathon ever.  see?  inspiring. 

i hope it isn't sleeting where ever you are and that babies in your lives are taking 2+ hour naps.
happy monday

Friday, November 05, 2010

We LOVE Going to the Doctor

We went for Stella's 7 month check-up this morning.  Are you surprised that she had a 7 month appointment?  Yeah, well, so were some of my friends at playgroup.  Apparently after 6 months, most doctors ask you come back every three months (9, 12, 15, etc) and then the regular check ups slow down even more.  Hmmm.  I figured either...
A. my insurance company (and us) was getting swindled 
B. I have an extremely attentive pediatrician 

I was leaning towards B.  Turns out the answer is C-none of the above (or, in other words, the mother wasn't listening).  

So Stella was weighed, measured, examined, and injected a little ahead of schedule.  Dr. Larson saw her upper teeth starting to push through (which might explain why she fussed for an hour last night!) and admired her muscle development.  I continue to be in awe of how tall she is.  How tall, and how perfect.  Yesterday, I could have had 100 Stellas.

 Current Stats 
19 1/2 lbs (88%)
29 inches (99%)

Stella wore The Puff out yesterday.  It was almost cold enough.  It almost fit in the stroller.  I was in heaven.

Monday, November 01, 2010


I can't imagine not wanting to see Stella in her costume.  My original visions involved somewhat clever, homemade costumes for the whole family.  But then, time flew by (see post below).  Luckily GG had the foresight to pick up an adorable costume.

Trying it on with GG.  Love her peeking over her shoulder and that pudgy cheek.
Naturally she ingested several leaves.

 Her friend, Eliana, was also a duck.  Same tights.  Fuzzier body.  Both adorable.
 We went to the park after taking a few pictures.  Stella took a few trips down the mini-slide and was pooped.  She was down for a nap less than 15 minutes after this picture was taken.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


October has flown by...the blur has been mostly self imposed with several trips to Utah.  Here are a few  random pics of you know who throughout her 6th month of life.
Yanking the elephants off her mobile (it isn't really a mobile)--a favorite pastime.
A true NYer--knawing her first bagel.
She had to stay somewhere while I got ready for all those trips.
Here comes trouble.  We now have a little climber on our hands. 
 Stella's first BYU game. 
A few sheets of tissue paper provide about 30 minutes of entertainment. 

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Raindrops on Roses, and Whiskers on Kittens

This week, in an effort to express gratitude (and instead of obsessing over a boot purchase), I'm posting a few of my favorite things. 
Favorite Things About Fall
- roasting pumpkins and making delicious treats (muffins and soup)
- accessorizing with scarves
- watching the colorful leaves outside our apartment shaking in the wind
- hot chocolate
- campaign signs posted in yards
- merging into holiday mode but no holiday craziness
- watching movies on rainy days (we've had lots of those)
- apple picking (mostly apple eating)


Friday, October 15, 2010

Snow Puff

Last May a package arrived from [aunt] Noelle and Uncle Matt.  Stella was a few weeks old but Noelle had snagged some great deals (she's good at that).  There was a ruffled summer one-piece, a darling corduroy dress, and this...

snow puff.
 Generally I try not to rush the seasons.  I don't spend Thanksgiving dinner thinking about Christmas, but I was dying to see Stella in this.  The extreme fluff, the balls for feet, how tiny her hands look peeking out of the sleeves....it lived up to all of my expectations.
Bring it, Old Man Winter.  Stella's ready.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

back in the big apple

at 6 months, stella has made 6 cross country flights.  1/2 of which we've done alone.  i no longer dread getting on the plane.  it seems pretty routine (knock on wood).  as soon as we settle in, she starts making friends with nearby passengers...smiling, laughing and craning to make eye contact.  as we take off, she drinks her 6 oz. and then takes a 2.5-3 hour nap.  she wakes up "singing" (which most people, including me, find adorable) and then wiggles around until it's time for her landing bottle.

i left my camera in utah so sadly i can't post pictures of stella's first byu game or our other adventures (did i even take pictures).   but there is some good news.  we came home with 380+ images to sort through (a wonderful birthday gift from GG).  here is a sneak peak at stella's 6 month pics...

for the record, her calf is NOT as large as it looks in the 3rd picture.  her thighs are chubby but her calf is definitely not. 

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Summer Lovin'

We rounded out our summer in Lake George with my family.  It was liesurely and somewhat gluttonous, as our vacations often are.   We all did a little falling in love.
Stella with her Sassy Seat (aka Jolly Jumper).  She now turns it at will, frees up her arms as needed and walks forward (until being yanked back).  She also mastered what we call her RiverDance--kicking one leg in and out while bouncing on the other.  If I let her, she'd spend hours dangling from the doorway. 
Stella also fell for Noelle's song and dance routines.  I have a hunch Matt fell for Stella.

Like many great affairs, we didn't see this coming.  Jason and I fell in love with the race track--the big hats, impressive horses, tiny jockeys, program stats, maybe a little betting.  I was in heaven.  

My uncle's horse, Quiet on the Tee, getting ready in the paddock.  He didn't win but he ran a hell of a race, pulling from behind to tie for second. 

Belmont, anyone?

Tuesday, October 05, 2010


my computer is finally fixed.  new battery, outer casing/keys, and logic board.  so stay tuned.  pictures are coming. 

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cell Phone Picture Time

Decided to finally download a bunch of my bberry pictures onto my computer. Here are some of my favorites. Stella makes me feel like one lucky Dad....
And Erica makes me one lucky husband.
Stella paying homage to her hometown.

First time in the new high chair - she likes it.

Stella watching her first BYU football game with Dad.

Stella and Erica before we head out to run some errands.

Stella wondering what I am doing.

This is the face I get to come home to everyday!