Friday, August 13, 2010

They See Me Rollin'

On July 26th Stellie rolled for the first time and ever since has been refining her technique. 
1. lay on back--look around 
2. lift legs and grab feet
3.  try not to become distracted with getting toes into mouth  
4. tip over to the side
5. in side position, munch fingers for a little while (amount of time depends on how much noise mom & dad are making)
6. rotate shoulder towards the ground, hips and legs should follow, and voila, roll accomplished.
Occasionally Stella's roll isn't so graceful and we find her stuck, arms pinned under her.  Being the attentive mother that I am, I immediately (after a quick picture or two) pull her arms out for her and prop her up.  This week her PT encouraged me to let her struggle a little to get her arms out.  What?  You mean don't rush right over at the first sign of discomfort.  I'm already on the road to making her bed every morning and doing her science projects for her.  So much to learn.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hands Up, Baby, Hands Up

Once again, it's August. Summer is officially winding down and all those blog posts I was going to do have fallen by the wayside--trips to UT, Stella's monthly stats, visiting D.C, rolling over, NYC adventures, time with friends and the power-boil setting on my stove (how did I not know about that sooner?).  Time continues to pass at alarming rates and my baby is growing up.  It hits me on a daily basis...she fits in her mcclaren stroller, she sleeps with a pacifier, she laughs, she prefers to be sitting up to see the world, she is growing out of (my favorite) outfits.  She has graduated from infant to baby and before I know what's happening, Stella will be graduating from High School.

Last night on the Staten Island ferry, I realized that Stella arms now touch at the top of her head.  NO!  For several weeks I've meant to document just how funny it looks when we held Stella's arms up and there was a 3 inch gap between her hands.  Try it with your arms.  See.  Your elbows should hit around the top of your head and forearms can reach all the way around.  Not the case with baby bodily proportions.  And last night, when I saw her fingertips brush each other,  I wanted to cry.
We took the picture anyway.  Two weeks too late.   Stella hands are currently the most fascinating things in her world and I think that she loves feeling them touch up there.