Sunday, April 25, 2010

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What We've Been Up To...

 Stella's first NYC excursion.  She loved riding in her stroller.  She loved the subway.  She loved Stand and Cones...okay, so her parents loved Stand and Cones but she was good company.
A snug shawl collar.  This lady rocks at escaping her straight jacket.  
Stella went to Grandma and Grandpa's house and basically slept the entire time.  I think it was because she was held the entire time or maybe it was a growth spurt.
Stella loves hanging out with dad.  Luckily, she's alert at night to spend time with Jason.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Stella's Stink Button

Stella's belly button started to reek.  The smell turned our stomachs.  We endured it for a few days and at our next appointment, asked the pediatrician if it was normal.  This is our first time dealing with an umbilical stump.  Dr. Larson overrode the hospital's instructions to leave it alone, showed us how to wipe it with alcohol and even prescribed an antibacterial ointment.  Ironically it fell off that very same night.  We're still cleaning out smelly bits but at least we don't gag when we pick her up!

  Does this look like the makings of an innie or an outie? 

Monday, April 12, 2010

the fastest week of our lives

We can not believe Stella is one week old.  A week!  Already?  I keep thinking she'll be sitting up before we know it, and walking, and getting married.  

So far Stella is easy to calm and soothe.  She grunts a little while she sleeps, makes adorable faces and is difficult to rouse.  Dad burps her better than Mom does.  She is remarkably gassy--and I'm not referring to the burped end.  She clearly prefers her thumb but we are switching that to pacifier (I am quite optimistic).  

She loves bath time.  My mom gave her her first sponge bath and kept calling her, "spa girl."  She looked positively euphoric when having her hair washed.   Her hair seems to be getting lighter and will hold a faux hawk.  Needless to say, I'm delighted.
She is a champion napper, like her mother, and doesn't need the "right conditions" to sleep.  She even slept soundly when I left the windows open and the temperature dropped.   In the middle of the night, as I pulled the covers up to my chin,  I remembered leaving her in a little onesie.  Was there even a blanket?  I hopped out of bed and sure enough, her extremities were chilly but she just kept snoozing.  Don't all CPS just yet.  I'm figuring this out.

Stella met her new friend, Ramona.  They shared a due date and have parents that like each other a lot.  She was feeling a little self conscious about her size (Ramona entered the world a little over 6lbs.)  I assured her that she'll have the last laugh as a 5'11' model but am trying to stop calling her "meatball" nonetheless.  Complexes start early.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Our Perfect 10

She's here.  After being induced on Thursday night, our darling daughter arrived at 10:30 on Saturday morning.  We're completely smitten! 

Could I get another IV?  I thought this is what people looked like as they exited this world, not brought new life into it.  And, to continue with my leg whining, can you see where all the fluids they're dripping into me were accumulating?  Tree trunks!  It was during this phase that I swore I would never do this again....but then I met Stella.
The doctors were closely monitoring Bun's size throughout the pregnancy.  Diabetic mommas grow big babies.  The last growth scan, 3 weeks ago, estimated Bun to be 7 lb 4 oz.  In the last few weeks, at numerous appointments, my stomach was groped and the doctors knew she'd be a big baby, but said not over 9 lb 8 oz--the recommended cut off for a c-section.  What a blessing this miss information was!    If I knew what was coming, I'd have been terrified to push her out!  Our little lady weighed 10 lb 2 oz and is 23.4 inches long!  The nurses joked that she was ready for kindergarten.

I always want to know a new baby's name ASAP.  I mean, parents have 9+ months to decide!  We were going with the "we want to see her first" strategy.  We had a short list but we hadn't factored in the first/middle name combination...the deliberation began.  After almost two days, we finally settled on Stella Fortunata Gardner Jason and I both love the name Stella.  Fortunata ("who has good luck") is after my dear Uncle Dickie.  Confused?  His given name was Fortunato but he wanted a more "American" name so he changed it to Richard.  Not only do we feel lucky to have this precious little girl, but she has a had few medical concerns and we figured she may need some good luck (in addition to prayers and proper medical attention, of course).  

Sorry for unreturned calls, emails and texts.  I now know a whole different "tired"  and am spending most of my time figuring out how to feed our little meatball,