Thursday, May 26, 2011

2A's Tornado

Tornadoes are to the midwest as Stella is to our apartment.
I swear the living room was clean when she woke up.  This picture was taken at 8 a.m.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

yesterday anton had a play date with reilly, my friend nina's son.  they had a terrific time.  i'm pretty sure.  i know i had a terrific time.  when i showed jason the picture he said, "well, i can tell which baby is italian."

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

what a difference a day makes (and pictures)

Yesterday was hid.e.ous.  I started off sleep deprived.  Thanks to Stella's molars and Anton's dietary needs.  It was gray and drizzly.  There was nothing good to eat.  As in good for me.  So instead I filled myself up with lemon bars (delicious), pizza, diet coke, and ice cream.  You can imagine how that made me feel.  Stella was clingy and only took cat naps.  And Anton's squeally cries were particularly piercing. 
(teething is ugly but baby skinny jeans are stinkin' cute.  i realized how silly 
it was to make my poor baby wear jeans.  she was in stretchies by noon.)
And because I already hung the streamers for the pity party, I really went for it and lamented the fact that hand washing dishes devours my time.  That psoriasis is taking over my fingernails (yeah, that's as ugly as it sounds).  That my floors needed to be vacuumed.  It turns out seeing the glass half empty is quite time consuming.

Jason came home to a tired, cranky, frumpy, and mean wife.  I went to bed thinking that today could not possibly be as awful.  This morning Stella woke up thirty minutes earlier than usual and yanked on my leg to carry her.  I finally took out the ergo and just hauled her around.  We were off to a rocky start.  As he left, Jason told me he was sorry I had to do this again and that I was a good mom.  He was trying for a pep talk.

But then, Stella took a three hour nap.  I bathed the Prince and put him down for a nap.  Turns out what I needed more than that pep talk was a solid nap time. 
While they snoozed, I checked a handful of things of my to-do list AND sat at the counter enjoying a diet coke and magazine.  The babies both woke up happy and devoured lunch.  Anton was alert.  Stella was playful and energetic.  Then they went down at the same time for a second nap.  The rest of the day carried on like this.  I loved being around my children.  And I'm ending the day with The Biggest Loser, blogging and popcorn.

And there it is.  Some days are going to be off the chart terrible.  But not every day.  Some days will be like today.

Now for a few random pictures....  
No, Anton is not grasping yet.  There is a pacifier in his hand because his sweet sister put it there.  I realize allowing her to reign as keeper of the pacifiers could get ugly but at least she shares them. 

 Kissable cheeks.
 Stella in her Easter dress.
 Easter bathing suit.

Prince Charming.

Monday, May 09, 2011

We're still here...

We're alive.  And well.  And, well, busy. 
Anton is eating, sleeping and growing.  Good job, son.
Stella continues to be our happy tornado. 
Growing up my sisters and I always got bathing suits in our Easter baskets.   So naturally, Stella will be getting them too.  Noelle took this picture right before I made her actually try it on.  Little neon polka dots are going to look fabulous when she gets tan.  I plan on getting her tan this summer. 
Her hair is finally long enough to get into a little whale-spout ponytail.  I think it's adorable and more importantly it keeps the shaggy bangs out of her eyes.