Wednesday, November 19, 2008

In a recent Primary related meeting we were trying to determine the best, and most modern way, to stay in touch about weekly progress on a program we all aren't attending every week. After wondering out loud, "There must be a way to to do it online." Someone (ah-hem, younger than me) knew a way to do it on Google. We left wondering what the world would do without Google. And now this...

Google Inc. has opened an online photo gallery that will feature millions of images from Life magazine's archives that have never been seen by the public before.
The new service, available at, debuted Tuesday with about 2 million photos. .
About 97 percent of Life's archives have not been publicly seen, according to Life.

My favorites are the first automobiles, the great depression series, and the ballerinas.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The final installment...after all we were there for a wedding

The celebratory events were supposed to take place at Cap Juluca. Unfortunately hurricane Omar did some permanent damage and the parties were relocated to an enormous villa near-by. This worked out for our contingency as the rest of our family was moved from Cap Juluca rooms to the villa right down the road from us! And the parties were held there.
@ the welcome BBQ

Not your run of the mill place cards. Seriously cute!

Ocean side ceremony. More legit than I had imagined (keep in mind this was my first destination wedding). Krysta and Adam were so happy1
We left our mark on the beach before we took off. While we may not have gone the extra mile and wrapped our initials in a heart, the sentiment was there.

finally living up our name...

1 (real) post a day. 3 days in a row. bam blog! take that for constant.

One 1/2 in Mexico City, The Other in New York City

When friends and family ask if I'm missing Jason, I should say, "How could I not?" Its true. I'm his biggest fan! I love spending time together. He is funnier than most people know, so comforting, and deals with me (almost) perfectly. How could I not miss this guy...

The most difficult part was flying and traveling home from the airport by myself. I'm not used to keeping track of my passport and ticket. It felt weird to be responsible and alert and make sure I got to the right place at the right time--lazy, right? And as I got out of the cab with bags in hand, I realized no one would be offering to lug them up the stairs for me. Sunday night felt odd and it is safe to say that I strongly prefer Jason home but, the truth is, I'm an independent person.

And while I wouldn't say there are perks to his work travel, I have enjoyed covering the bed with clothes which I shove to a corner to sleep...diagonally. I go to bed at 10 and wake up at 5:30 (my preferred sleep schedule). Upon waking I flip on the lights, turn on some tunes and the day has begun without disturbing someone's last 2 hours of beauty rest. Also this week my diet has consisted largely of cheese/crackers, pizza, and corn chowder. I made the soup Tuesday night and consumed it throughout the week. These types of dietary patterns are difficult for Jason--no variation, high calories and little nutrition. I completely understand but sometimes it's just so easy.

But...even though I've enjoyed the crappy diet, a permanent sweat pant wardrobe, and guilt free late nights at work, I am ready for Jason to be home. Friday can't come soon enough.

(post script)--without jason, i still haven't fixed the busted interned & the fact that @ some point i'll have to take out the trash is hanging over me like eeyore's cloud.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

wedding bells...part 2

Jason rose to the wrong side of the road challenge and chauffeured all weekend. One day as he opened the gate he watched it scootch a turtle off the driveway. When he got back he dove right into the bushes (such a boy) and pulled out this little guy.
Nicolais can eat. My mom jokes that we plan dinner while we eat lunch. Needless to say, the food was enjoyed. We had several plates of these rock lobsters."
Meet Glenis,aka "The Mayor". Adam hired him as our bus driver/tour guide around the island. He knew everyone and everywhere (I realize the island is only five miles long). One night, after dinner when the main island was all but shut down, my father asked if there was a store open so he could buy some milk. In two minutes Glenis pulled over, opened up a store and acted as cashier while Franky got his milk. I loved that he was also a guest at the wedding!

Friday, November 14, 2008

how did this happen?!

Something was nagging at me…our blog was lacking…
And it just hit me! Where are Tyler and Stacy? A huge oversite in our link fiasco.
We’re sorry! We missed you!

Wedding Bells Were Ringing...part 1

my cousin announced a destination wedding in the caribean, so we were obligated to spend 4 days in st.martin/anguilla. of course by obligated i mean ecstatic.
we got over the cost, use of personal days, distance from nyc, customs checks & international travel-- anguilla is english and st. marten is 1/2 dutch-1/2 french.
instead we focused on spending time with family, delicious food, exploring a tropical island, and working on our tans.

jason and i flew into st. martin a day early to spend a day at the dawn beach resort. BK on the dutch side supports obama!

we started planning the excursion and our eyes popped at the $600/night rooms rates at cap juluca, where the wedding was being held. noelle quickly decided a beach villa was the way to go and found an incredible property--beach access, separate houses, and a pool. sadly noelle and matt didn't make it but we enjoyed her work!
by the time we arrived at anguilla we had slowed down and adjusted to island time (nothing rushed, nothing is even close to being on time).
jason spends a lot of time with flip in hand--A LOT! here he is catching a video of our beach.
i'm changing my original "i don't like beaches" to "i like caribean beaches." the sand is smooth. the water is clear. a place i could actually relax! angelique, jason, and i spent saturday morning snorkeling in shoal bay. the reef and fish were breath-taking, and we saw a sea turtle!

actual wedding festivities coming soon to a blog near you...