Thursday, October 30, 2008

on monday, jason and i went to costco with matt while poor sister worked into the night. we only "needed" paper towels but as we roamed the aisles, mostly keeping matt company (wink. wink), we fell victim to the "spend to save" philosophy that makes buying in bulk dangerously salsa, pacific tomato soup, ribs, honey-wheat pretzels. when i picked up the three pack of boursin, jason rolled his eyes and jokingly swore it would be gone by next week. "no way" i vowed, "its good until mid december and i'm relishing this." i think i have so much will power.
tonight after a trying day at work, as i finished off the first package, i realized how well jason knows me. if you've tried this cheese, you're probably nodding your head in understanding.

related to the boursin incident, one would never know from the way i've been gobbling down my stress that in one week i'll be on this beach at my cousin adam's wedding. i'll be the one hiding in the flowiest dress i can find (in my sister's closet).

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

if you have to teach, may i recommend the dalton school?

lunch today. enough said.

**this was lunch for the the teachers, the children had pita pocket pizza with organic cheese. NOT lobster.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Blog Links

they're gone. i don't know where to find 'em thier. this weekend i tried to be fancy. i wanted a green, patterned blog template so i loaded it one up...and all of our blog links were gone.

forget it. adios pyzam. i went with a basic, white boycott. and knowing how long it take me to post, it may be weeks before i get the links up again.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I'm Sick When....

I love Diet Coke...there's probably a post in the archives about it. Please don't pass me a can laced with vitamins or made with Splenda. Not with lemon, or with lime. Just the classic version, preferably in a can. It may be running through my veins. But when I'm not feeling well, I have no desire for the stuff.

And so tonight, with my ear aching just a little and a craving for hot chocolate instead of a DC with my grilled cheese and tomato, I may be sick.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Best Trip Ever-photo essay

It happens every time. We get back from Utah and I think "that was the best trip ever." This time I mean it--really. Three full days (thanks to Yom Kippur and Columbus Day) was just enough time. Here (inspired by the Smylies) are the his and hers highlights. His-Finally being present for a Team Snake softball game. Please understand this is not laid back, old man softball. It is serious...very serious. You should see the cuts Mr. Fowler procured sliding into third (don't worry, Mrs. Fowler is a cute nurse) and a team mate was derobed of the beloved Snake jersey after a commitment issues. Serious.
Hers-Getting to watch in 30 degree weather as my 30 year old husband make solid contact every time at bat, snagged balls fielding @2nd base/right field (where were you, honey?), and was "signed" as an honorary team member. Also seeing Ashley and Jill and Cynthia for 20 freezing minutes.
Mutual-We miss them in New York. Due to circumstances, we now miss them in Utah. So we drove to Idaho to meet our dear friends for lunch. Thanks Mom G for going an entire day without your car! Both parties traveled far for the yearly visit. Maybe next time we'll meet up in Hawaii.
His-Leo liked Jason. Without a benchmark for Leo's level of caring, I can only say for sure (see picture) that he frequently reached for Jason and even requested that Jason put his shoe on.
Don't Ashley and Nate look great? We satisfied our cravins for Mexican fare. Yes I do like Mexican food.
Hers- Getting a kick out of how much Leo loves the bottle...I hope it isn't an indicator of things to come.

Mutual- Finally going to Bukos and getting items at exceptionally low prices is almost better than getting them for free. Jason was giddier than I was...and just look at this chair! So what we had to leave it in the basement. So what we don't have a home to put it in. It was 80% off.
Mutual-A birthday celebration at Tucanos. Happy Birthday Dad! Someone told our waitress ("'kay?")that we had two birthdays to celebrate.

His- Breaking out the 80s BYU ski hat. He was so tickled by that hat, the expired foot warmers, cutting holes in garbage bags to use a emergency ponchos, and game time hot chocolate that I'm not convinced he was upset about the rain/snow forecast.
Hers- That the game only lasted 3 hours and we spent the whole time with Derreck/Karen (and a tiny bit of time with Scott).

His- BYU won! (guess that could be a "mutual")

We left the snow behind for beautiful NYC Fall weather. We can't wait to visit again!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

It's Official....

The fabulous Jason Reed Gardner turns 30 today! He has left his 20s behind and is on to a new, and promising, decade. I'm sure I'll have a cheesier post soon, but for now call, email, or text some birthday love!
I love you Jason!