Tuesday, July 24, 2012

You Won't Hear This From Me....

"This is too rich / sweet to finish."  
Hubby and I shared one of these last night.  Delicious.  Have you had one yet?  Creamy vanilla bean ice cream dipped in dark chocolate then dipped again in caramel and, hold on, dipped again in chocolate.  
I don't know if I have that exactly right but you get the point.  Delicious
Hubby said he wasn't sure he could eat a whole one by himself-- "too rich."  I agree on the richness but not eating a whole one? 
 I ate a whole one for breakfast and was fine.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Down By The (lazy) River

water parks are not my thing. i try not to think about what's in the water.  it's just a little too warm, don't you think?
as a parent, that's all irrelevant. 
because my kids LOVE a lazy river and olympic sized kiddie pool.
they also slept like rocks after spending a few hours splashing around.
cha-ching!  we went two days in a row.  
stella reminded her brother who's in charge.  
and learned to trust her arm floaties in the lazy river (but not before almost pulling my bathing suit off no less than 10 times. i may just invest in a wetsuit).

anton wiggled away from us. over and over. 
i did what any reasonable parent would do and let him go. assuming that after a few dunks he'd be ready to move back to shallower water or at the very least, hold my hand. nope.  he'd just come up blinking the water away and laughing like a lunatic.  

when he wasn't scaring the daylights out of us with drowning attempts, he was checking out girls.  what am i going to do with this kid? 

how did this happen?

As Jason tugged up the second swimmie for a trial run around the kitchen, I may or may not have started crying.  The ponytail / swimmie / "Look, I'm a waamelon"  combination was too much for me.  
Sigh. My baby is a little girl.