Friday, September 21, 2007

Glad it happened to me!

One of the nice perks to my job is that almost every Friday someone in a much higher position than myself takes me to lunch. We typically go to a nice place that has good food. The best is when we go to a place that I typically would not go to because it is just too pricey. Today that place was Koi. A wonderful Japenese restaurant in the Bryant Park Hotel that gets great reviews.

Very good, infact the sushi was amazing. Service was great. It is all served to share. We had Kobe Filet Mignon (about 4-5 little pieces for $48). I even loved the Sashimi which usually doesn't appeal to me (this place may have completely converted me). Perhaps the most delicious was the special - a double shrimp roll. 3 of use ate - bill came out to be $250 (without the tip, no drinks of course).

Just as one of us was commenting on how good the services has been.... splash! A glass of water has slipped off the waiters tray landing directly onto my shoulder and all down my back. Needless to say I was soaked. The waiter was wonderful. He was so sorry and apologetic. Immediately after the spill all the staff is helping dry me. I actually thought it was pretty funny. I wasn't upset and I felt bad for the waiter. Later the manager approached me and thanked me for being understanding. He also said that if there was anything he could do to just let him know. As I was leaving I saw him in the front, I approached him while handing over my business card.

"I think my wife would really like this place, can I bring her in?"

"Absolutely" was his response. "Just give me a call."

Honey - we are going on a date!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

A Sighting

Lots of our friends ask about famous people sightings. Many people who have lived in NYC for awhile, or live in a "hot-spot" area, have a sightings list. From the pages of USWeekly, it looks like celebs are always on the NYC streets (or in the stores). But I have close to NONE. Actually Tony Bennett downtown and Cynthia Nixon in an UES diner are the only two that come to mind. I have seen a couple familiar faces that I can't find the name for. My hinderances are that I'm a. usually in a rush, b. not looking, or c. my mind is somewhere else. If I slowed down to register faces things may be different.

Last night, after make a jeans exchange at the J.Crew at Columbus circle I hopped on the escalator heading down to the exit. ((Sidenote: I was trading in regular lengths for a am I possibly a short? I'm 5'6" for heavens sake. What do the 5'3" people wear? Guess I should be grateful that I can get jeans there to wear with flats or with heels. Anyway, back to the story) . I was fishing through my bag to get the receipt ready for my next return. Near the bottom, a person waving from the up escalator caught my attention. It wasn't an obnoxious wave but more of a slight, with a moment of hesitation wave. A quick look at the person and I realize, I don't know him...he must be waving to someone else. I glance behind me to see if anyone is recognizing this guy. And who is riding a few stairs up...Larry King. This is man easy to recognize. Not only does he look quite unique, he was leaning on the handrail the same way he leans on his desk, as if it's supporting his whole self and thought processes. Since there were very few people around, I say ,"He acts like he knows you?" which Mr. King replies, "Probably thinks he does."

Isn't it funny how we feel like we know the people we see on T.V all the time??

I'm glad someone else had enough wits about them to wave, drawing my attention to my escalator neighbor. Otherwise I'm quite sure my head would have stayed in my bag until I stepped off...missing the opportunity to add Larry King to my super exciting celebritiy spotting list.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Catching up on Summer

How many times have I said to Erica, "I am going to post this on our blog?" The answer is - way too many. Here are a few of the things you may have missed about our summer.

We took a little trip upstate to Niagara Falls with the McCullochs before they left us. Nate and I took a moment to check out the map during a pit stop overlooking Lake Ontario. Just like the map told us, this road was a dead end.

I was right there for every single set of stairs for the entire weekend. What would the McCullochs have done without me?

How could we go upstate and not stop here? The birthplace of one of the world's most important innovations....Buffalo Wings!!

My beautiful wife and I at the falls.

The inspiration for our trip was none other than the New York State licence plate - NYC to Niagara.

That is it for now... I better stop here before I throw the computer our the window. I had just added photos of our trip to Seattle and Blogger just erased them. They will have to wait until next time.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


we'd had some startling evidence of rodent invaders. last week in a flurry of looking for something under the bed, i found a gift torn to shreds. just a small hole actually but the contents were shredded. my mil made me a soothing, heating pack. i loved it. i would pop it in the mircowave for 2-3 minutes on chilly nights, wrap it around me or simply snuggle it up next to me. apparently it dropped from the bed one night several months ago and i didn't recognize the urgency in picking it up. you may be asking yourself why a mouse would chew into it? this snuggle sack retained warmth because it was full of corn kernels. obviously not the popping kind. my jaw dropped when i found it. through a hole the size of a nickle, the little enemy had eaten through nearly all the contents of the bag. another irritating fact, since the nibbled kernels were strewn on the floor, it was dining in our bedroom! disgusting! i know. i should be too humiliated to tell this tale. i hope our friends will still come over.

second offense: we returned from out fabulous long weekend in seattle to find a few little black droppings on the stove and even one in the tub! this is the first time we've ever seen this in our apartment. mouse feces...disgusting!

aside from this corn incident, we're clean people! of course we occasionally leave the bathroom a few days too long in between cleanings but we work hard to make sure there isn't food out or other pest attractions. i also know this is new york city, a few vermin are to be expected. perhaps, but i can't accept it! i want to wage all out war. actually i want jason to do it. there's that damsel thing again.

we'll keep you posted.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

PFP: picture free post

Just when I was in the full swing of blogging, something terrible has happened. I can't upload pictures. This has put a serious damper on my urge to blog. I had a lovely post about my cousin Ady's weddding...but without pictures? And what of, our trip to Seattle or the before and afters of the classroom I am desperately trying to get set up.

A few updates will suffice...

1. The white dress was returned to our dry cleaner and now, I'll just have to just trust fate.

2. I decided on the Aldo true-gray shoes. I think they're gorgeous. They do make me a little on the too-tall side (sorry, to all my tall friends and super tall sister) and my feet really suffer if I try to wear them for too long. Other than that, it's love.

3. Since the last post, Jason and I went out to Newport Beach for my cousin's wedding and this past weekend we spent Labor day in Seattle with Brandi, Sterling, Tyler, Stacy and briefly, Rett and Jill. As soon as pictures are up, the official posts are up. (And no, I don't imagine people are waiting on it).

4. The past full week of my life has been devoted to the new classroom. My past four years as a Science teacher were much different. Despite training, education and warning, I somehow imagined cleaning, organizing and setting up a warm learning environment would be a quicker process. There have been a couple 7:30-7:30 days with two of us working our tails off. Despite that part, I am loving how it's coming together. The room that I thought was small and shoddy (albeit, only by Dalton does have windows after all), is beginning to look open and beautiful. Now it just needs some bright, energetic children to fill it up.