Monday, November 26, 2007

Words not needed

For those of you who did not have the chance to watch the game, all you need to do is listen to these two clips.
4th Qtr. - Utah leads by a score of 10-9. Under 1:30 to play. BYU has the ball, 4th down and 18 to go for the first down. I have to admit I was pretty bummed at this point. Listen to what happens next! ie418.mp3
A few plays later - Max Hall hands the ball off to Harvey Unga on 2nd and 7 from the 11 yard line. Go ahead and listen. I have just made this the ring tone on my cell phone.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

over it

the newness of changing the water cooler is gone. i went this morning needing hot water for my oatmeal and it was out. instead of feeling empowered or proud, i felt irritated that i was the one having to hoist up the big bottle. i just wanted the water to be ready for me. isn't it amazing how quickly things change?

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Not just a duvet

while working on our wedding registry, jason and i were frequently swayed by floor models. something about seeing a particular house hold item displayed, made it even more appealing. such was the case with our bedding and duvet cover. the creamy faux fur tucked in perfectly with brown creamy accents was irresistible. what we didn't realize that sleeping under all those synthetic fur fibers, as pretty as it may be, would be HOT. i'll not air the details that came with that...

we (mostly me) decided it was time for a new duvet cover so we could enjoy a not too hot and not too cold winter; and finally start using our down comforter that has been folded up in the corner for months. perfection was found in a blue paisley duvet with a hint of orange, coordinating wonderfully with our orange wall and the accent pillows we already own.

this is how the new bed looks...and a close up of the pattern.

our bed is so comfortable and being able to snuggle the down comforter without sweating helps. but maybe i should give due credit to the duvet, perhaps the claim on the packaging is correct. it states "slip under the new Luxe duvet and jaunt off to an exotic spot every evening when you surround yourself with this elegantly subtle paisley pattern in rich sky hues." wow. this is not just a duvet!

Saturday, November 10, 2007


Unknown caller,
Go ahead and leave a message because until I know who you are and what you may want, I am not answering.

I'm happy you're here. The chill in the air feels nice.

Fellow Shopper,
I do not care how well behaved your Golden Retriever is, or how tiny your Terrier is, dogs have no business in Banana Republic, the Food Emporium, or any shopping establishment.

Earring Back,
I am super bitter that you fell off today. After you did, I lost one of my favorite earrings. Bitter.

Dear Personalized Stationary,
I want you but you are just too pricey. Can't a girl get her initials embossed on a budget?

Dear Burger Joint grill,
I'm glad you decided to work again tonight because that burger was delicious!

Dear JCrew,
I wish your prices were generally 25% less. If they were, I'd buy 50% more.

Dear Sweatpants,
I love you.

Very Truly Yours, Erica

Thursday, November 08, 2007

All In A Day's Work

Two great things happened at work today. I'm going to recount the events in no particular order.

1. At 7:00 I arrived at school with 2 Swiss Miss packets and a plastic yankee cup, the kind you get at the game if you buy a large soda (tangent: of course my husband actually keeps these cups and this morning it came in handy). I've been under the weather and my throat soar, so all I wanted for breakfast was a huge cup of hot chocolate. But on the bus I remembered that last night at school Jason and I drank the last of the water with our Chinese food. Shoot! We were the last ones out at 10, and I knew I'd be one of the first ones in....which meant the water bottle would be empty.

What do to? Wait for someone else to change the water bottle later in the morning and possibly not have hot chocolate? Not even a remote possibility. Those who know me, understand that once something is in my head (ideas, cravings, preferences, etc) it is tough to change. So I made a decision to change the water bottle. Just recently I helped someone change the water cooler bottle...and they are big! Like maybe 5 gallons....10? But I learned for the first time in my life, that it's okay for a little to spill out when you turn it upside down because there is a collection place inside. I know, I did I not already know this? Now I knew the main issue would be the weight of the bottle, not the spillage.

But... I did it. I lifted that bottle up, flipped it onto the top of the cooler, and made myself some hot chocolate. The best part: one of our wonderful maintance guys came in right as I was standing back, empty cooler bottle in hand, looking at the cooler with pride. And yes, I'm still proud. And yes, the hot chocolate was amazing.

2. I met Jerry Seinfeld. He was on a school tour today. I think he was wearing a black pea coat and jeans. I do have to say he's better looking in person than on T.V or in pictures.

What a day?