Thursday, August 28, 2008

People say they don't play favorites.....

I disagree.

Erica mentions her flowers, oodles of joy and large amounts of admiration are shown.

Erica mentions my hole-in-one a few posts back - 1 comment.

Thank you to Rebecca Smylie for her comment (even though she doubts the accomplishment).

When it comes to this couple, Erica is everyone's favorite - including mine.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

"There are no ugly flowers."

When I read that in Martha Stewart's Living, I was skeptical. Hadn't the woman ever seen a carnation? Then I flipped the page and saw these stunning purple carnations packed tightly together and my mind was changed.
This weekend I was making floral arrangements for a Harlem 1st Ward wedding. The design team (my sisters) and I got up with the sun and headed down to 28th st. (aka-the flower district). We tromped in and out of several stores, Angelique being thoughtful and supportive through her sleepiness and Noelle with great color suggestions and an inclination to cuddle the mice-catcher cats in the establishments.

After a couple price inquiries, Noelle turned to a huge shelf of brightly colored carnations and gently suggested incorporating some. An "ah-ha" moment! I muttered the mantra, "No ugly flowers" and we realized we read the same article. Angelique suggested mixing them with red roses. We found some accents and were on our way.

"It's actually quite easy to transform inexpensive flowers into truly spectacular arrangements. It just requires a little rearranging, not to mention a willingness to defy convention." Here's a sample of the finished product. I'm a carnation convert.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Life Lessons

Why shouldn't my teaching philosophy apply to my life? Experiential Learning. Yesterday I learned that spraying Fabreze in the garbage is not an adequate substitute for taking it out.

On a subsequent note, I also learned taking out the garbage is not so scary.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Olympic nostalgia is back! Childhood memories of gathering in the family room to watch, and cheer, and gawk in amazement come rushing back each time I hear the slow, dramatic theme song or see Bob Costas' face. I love the images of China's countryside. I love the tear-jerking vignettes; stories of abandonment, life threatening illnesses, home countries in turmoil, and romances that defy the odds. I love the cheesy announcers, making claims like, “I knew he would have a record breaking time in this race when I saw him stretching this morning.” They might as well be shouting, "He's vaulting! He's vaulting!" Is two weeks going to be enough?

One think I missed was the transition from Speedo, to pants, to full body suit. I know those things are too tight to fall off but how low they ride when the tops are pulled down makes me uncomfortable! But I guess with the all time record for Olympic Golds and breaking world records every time you dive into a pool, Mr. Phelps can be an exhibitionist.

Monday, August 11, 2008

where is the perfect place for a plaque?

i love going to utah. we hang out with jason's family, take deep breaths of fresh mountain air, and grill--one of life's simple pleasures. you see the joy on jason's face, right?

and in his "old stomping ground", i learn a lot about jason. for instance, on a trip to the little girl's room after a recent family golf tournament, i noticed several plaques on the wall. i'm talking around a corner, directly adjacent to the men's room door, and completely out of sight for anyone not answering nature's call. this placement forces one to question their value and i was doing just that, when jason came around the corner and says giddily, "hey, did you know i'm on one of these?" NO! i didn't know my hubby was memorialized forever at cascade golf course. turns out they honor every golfer who lands a hole in one. there, tucked in between david mcgill and kelly harris, for everyone using the bathroom to see, is jason's hole in one on #7 in 2001.

i am so proud!

Friday, August 01, 2008

Remember when Noelle and Matt got married?

Here are a few shots from the wonderful day. I left the camera behind so these are borrowed images.
The happy couple. Her dress was absolutely perfect. Actually the whole day was close to perfect--the weather, the flowers, the painstaking details, the ring ceremony...

The Nicolai family shot...we're missing quite a few!
My beautiful sisters.
Meet John Grecco and Anthony, the masterminds of Villa Barone Manor. These gentlemen ensure that everything runs smoothly... and after two Nicolai weddings, we're practically family.

Other highlights...
With the crowd gathered outside, Elder Uchtdorf almost exited the temple right before the bride. Talk about being upstaged. After Noelle invited him to the reception, he slipped out another side door.
Noelle and Matt entering the ballroom via elevator, emerging from the center of the dance floor.
Delicious food.
Dancing, dancing, dancing! Even mom busted a move thanks to the Paul Rich Band.
Spending time with the west coast cousins.
Getting to relive our guests!