Monday, September 05, 2011

Three Oh!

tomorrow i turn 30.  i'm excited. 
excited to get my hair cut.  to eat haagen dazs mint chip ice cream (saw it in the freezer).  to go on vacation with jason.  just jason.

Sunday, September 04, 2011

If I didn't blog it, it didn't happen.

The following are abbreviations of post I've been meaning to get to.    

Post 1.  Obnoxious Things People Have Said To Me Recently
This is just the most 7 a.m. as I push my two adorable children to the park, "Jeeze, enough babies?"  Are you kidding me?  Enough?  Do you need to look again?  There are only two.  Not twelve.  "For now," was all I said.
*I try to give A time on the upper deck but S is too tall for the jump seat.

Post 2.  And We're Out
Jason accepted a job with the Foreign Service.  Hooray/Oh Crap!  We leave at the end of the month for ten months of training and then a lifetime of moving.  Of course, there is much more to it than moving to a different far-away land every other year, leaving friends and "home" behind, with two little babies in tow but I'm kind of hung up on that part.  (This really deserves an entire post.)

Post 3.  Meg's Takes Manhattan
Jason's little sister spent a week with us and it was awesome--shopping, trying Thai food, Jersey Shore 101 (and giving ourselves JS names), swimming, playgrounds, Patsy's, How To Succeed In Business, a Mets game, 3 movies, and way too many cookies.  Did I mention the bambinos love her?
Now we need Ali, Jordan and Deven to come visit. 
Post 4.  Style-less Lament
I haven't had a hair style for at least five years.  I was in a relationship with a great stylist until she got carpal tunnel.  Occupational hazard.  It's been me and my claw clip ever since.   But Jason loves me and arranged for a special birthday hair cut.  (This will get it's own post).
Sorry about the butt picture but it is irrefutable evidence that I need an intervention--Lululemons & the claw-clip.  

Post 5.  Stella's New Words
Even though her favorite word is still "no," Stella also says bye, hello, daddy, please, up, oh no, ut oh, open, pool, duck, airplane, more, help, nose, treat, thank you and various animal sounds.  She also nods "yes" and "no" which I find adorable and "talks" in long, passionate streams.
S also likes to dress, feed and clean A. 

Post 6.  Irene
The great Tropical Drizzle of 2011.  At least in Manhattan.  I know New Jersey got another side of Irene and my parents were without power for 4 days but I was disappointed in the lack of action.

Post 7.  Blog Title
It is no longer "Stella's World."  It hasn't been for months--5 to be precise.  As soon as I have a clever, or even a clear, moment, I'm going to re title this blog.  Suggestions are welcome.

Post 8.  How did this happen?    

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Did You Really Ask That?

In the past week, three people have asked me if Anton and Stella are twins.  My responses are kind.  But, honestly?  Twins?  As in born at the same time?  I'm working on being more understanding.  After all they are both babies.

Then I opened my iPhoto to export a shot of them together (basically impossible to catch) and found these pictures. 

3/31/11 ~4:00.  I hoped to wear make-up for this birth.  Maybe even do my hair.  I was lucky to make it to the hospital.  

4/2/11 ~6:00
Stella's first birthday party.  

My prediction is that in a very short time (a year?) we'll be asked if they are twins at least once a week.