Friday, February 26, 2010

NYC snow update

Take a look at our car which is parked on the street out front of our apartment in Harlem.
A little funny at first, then I thought about me having to dig it out. As I looked at this next picture more closely I realized this has to be a joke.
Take a look at the cars in front of me, do you see them with snow piled up over their windows? And by the way - It is still snowing. Here is one more angle just for good measure.More good news - the small shovel I purchase earlier this same month to dig my car out when it was similiarly burried by the last snow storm is in the trunk. I may need another shovel just to get to the shovel in the trunk.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Ms. Gardner at 33 weeks.  Currently nameless, although we call her "Bun."   A little hefty.  Not showing signs of hair.  Constantly flickering around in her too-tight space--unless we're at the doctor, then she prefers to be very still and feign distress.  Enjoys cucumbers, Big Macs and mint ice cream (ok, maybe that's mom).  Can't wait to try on all of her new shoes!

For the record, we have no idea what is on the right side of her face.  And Jason thinks her nose looks like mine,  I think it looks like my Aunt Antoinette's (ugh). 

Product Placement

I'm slightly skeptical of product claims but nevertheless, love trying new products.  I'm up for gambling a few bucks on thicker hair, antiperspirant that works like sweat gland surgery, or lash-growing mascara.   This time around Jason bought into the claims--"the Comfort Zone relieves tension and swelling in your legs while improving skin tone and elasticity, for refreshed relieved revitalized legs!"  I had given up on my ankles for the next five weeks and, despite a big hearty smile, had serious doubts when I opened the box on Valentine's Day.
Remember these puppies?  This is what my feet look like at the end of a typical day....

It smells good and of course, feels fantastic being massaged into my feet at night.  Best of all...look at  my ankles in the morning!  

I'm a believer!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Bumpdate (aka pictures of me)

Jason stays up much later than I do, and so we have a nightly tuck-in routine. A ritual involving vitamins, cracking the window, water bottle, back pillow, feet elevated and ice pack for the ankles. He is VERY good! The other night he set me up and joked that it made pregnancy look cushy. He may have snapped the picture but I beat him to posting it, to be sure to say--Pregnancy is much harder than it looks. Look closely at what I'm surrounded by--insulin pump, laptop to double check carbs, and clipboard for recording glucose and insulin. I have a hard time getting out of bed or as I realized today at school, getting off the floor. Could it be worse? Absolutely,I've heard the stories, but I don't think any pregnancy is "cushy."

And only semi-related...
I forgot that Bun would need a bathing suit! Mom G sent one that is so flipping cute!
And my progress at week 30

Only 7 and 1/2 weeks to go now...not that I'm counting.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Conversation Our Child Will Never Have

Around 2:00 today, I looked over and realized Caleb did not look well (watery eyes, pale, tired). Here is the conversation that ensued...

E: Cal, are you feeling ok?
C: Not really. That's why I said I wanted to rest.
E: I know but we didn't have time to rest today. Maybe you can take a nap after school.
C: (looking put out) Not really. Our flight leaves so late at night, like 10:00.
E: (forgetting the family is going on a ski trip) Oh right, well you can always sleep on the airplane. I do!
C: (giving me what in hindsight was probably a "you won't believe this" look) No I can't! (Arms fly into the air in exasperation) We're in coach!
E: Honey, people sleep just fine in coach.

It must be hard to believe when the majority of your 5 year-old life has been spent flying first class.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Alice In Wonderland

I'm skeptical. I like the pieces but will I like the sum of their parts.
A timeless story. The novel for all ages and cartoon version that rocked my childhood. The Cheshire cat was our pet's namesake. What more can I say?
Tim Burton is nutty genius. I loved Big Fish. I don't know much but I think he keeps food on Helena Bonham Carter's table.
Johnny Depp is obviously very talented.
The previews are visually stunning.

Here are my doubts... Should this story remain an untouched classic? I was not into Tim Burton's remake of Charlie and Chocolate Factory and found Johnny unwatchably creepy. Here's my plan--wait to hear reviews of people I trust, let those reviews tweak my expectations and then go see it.