Thursday, December 27, 2007

Blogger's Guilt

One of my bad teenage habits was starting journals, writing a dozen entries, and quickly tapering off. There was no legitimate reason; no writer's block, lost diaries, or broken fingers. And then each time I'd glance at the cute cover, you know--flowery fields or colorful patters, the guilt pangs would strike, worsening when I debated whether to write again or wait for a fresh start (like September when school started, or New Year's).

It was the length of time between entries left me stumped then...and now. Say it had been two months, was I to include some vague catch up or just pick up as if I'd never stopped.

I'm having this same problem with our blog. I keep wondering if I should rewind and write about our Thanksgiving trip to Mesa, AZ. Cousin LaMont did mix 50 lbs of mashed potatoes with a dry wall mixer on an electric drill while his sister, Trina, dropped in sticks of butter. Perfect post material. Or do I include some of the awesome Christmastime skating, holiday soirees, sing-a-longs, family get togethers, etc.

When we started this blog, we evaluated the commitment and felt we were ready. Yet now that familiar guilt is back.

High hopes for 2008...