Sunday, November 20, 2011

oh thankful day.

- stella was somewhat quiet during sacrament meeting.  when she wasn't quiet she was being pretty flippin' cute. 
- the babies napped at the same time.  i napped too.
- the weather was perfect so we went for a long walk with friends.
- noelle snuggled with anton.  he was in heaven. (check the picture. also check out her adorable two tone nails.  love.)
- we had grilled steak with sauteed mushrooms and onions for dinner, and big diet cokes with snikers bars for dessert (better combinations do not exist).
- i got a lot of help with the babies.

 and now i'm off to bed, what could be better than that?

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Rock Your Title

1. Listed, random thought blog posts are almost always my favorites to read. 
2. I think I need this dress.
3. Noelle and Matt are teaching me how to use the internet better.  I realize that's lame.  Little things that I've maybe forgotten like opening multiple tabs while shopping, taking screen shots and uploading videos.
Turn down your volume, I wasn't thinking when I help the camera right by my face. I'm trying to teach her about privacy (a bathroom thing) and she now loves reading in privacy (adorable!). And yelling, "Shtop," is Stella's new thing. I prefer it to "No!"     

4. I sometimes forget that Stella's still a baby because she is extremely capable.  Like today I asked her to go upstairs and get me diapers for Anton.  And she did it.  But she's 19 months so really I shouldn't be sending her on errands around the house, especially ones that involve stairs.  (safety note: my mom supervised the stair part).   

5. My friend Halloween costume was so clever.  Can you tell what she is?  She was told me I was part of the *inspiration.
6.  Jason and I are talking about having a small Christmas for the kids.  But it is so hard.  I love too many brands...Melissa & Doug, B.Toys, Young Explorers, Manhattan Toys.  And so many of the toys are educational. That gets me EVERY time.  I want to get puzzles, art supplies, new books, toy cars, dress up clothes, puppets, and a pony!  Ok, I'm kidding about the pony but it's easy to get carried away. 
7. The filters on Instagram make it one of my favorite iPhone apps.  Do you have a favorite?
8.  I need a new blog title.  Clearly I wasn't thinking ahead when I titled it, "Stella's World."  Suggestions are welcome.

*A stressed out, young mother.  

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

(Every Other) Weekend Happenings.

Every 10-12 days Jason comes to New York to see us.   I don't know who's happier about it, me or the babies?
This family picture tells it all.  Even with M&M bribes (look closely below) couldn't keep Stella seated next to us. 

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Got A Nice Little Saturday Planned.

Nothing beats taking the babies to Costco.  
They love sitting side-by-side in the cart.  I love free samples.  Win-win.

I have a feeling we'll be there a lot this winter (too many germs at the library).

I realize these photos make it look like Stella is constantly bugging her brother but, believe me, he eats it up. 

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Well Above Average.

Due to his premie status, Anton started his journey on earth ~3 pounds smaller than Stella.  To me he was super tiny.  But to the charts, at almost 8 lbs, he was completely average.
Anton quickly made it to the top of the height curve.  And coming in at almost 25 pounds, he's way above the weight curve too.  
That means if we are ever in a room with 100 other 6 month olds, Anton would be the biggest one. 
My arms and back believe it. 

2 months

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Surprises....with perfect timing.

This hasn't been my finest week. Jason completed 1/4 of his training in Georgia. Which means we still have 3 months without him. The separation is especially hard on Stella. She is an anxious mess before nap and bedtime, and screams hysterically for 30-45 minutes before falling asleep (trust me, this was a last option). Both she and Anton have been sick for almost three weeks (see below) with the cold from Hell, which morphed into Bronchiolitis. Anton's being a pretty good sport but the memories of my happy little boy are becoming hazier. To boot, we are supposed to go to Utah next weekend but we may have to cancel so Anton's head doesn't explode on the airplane.

But it isn't all bad. Trivial as it may seem, I got these in the mail last week....
My mother-in-law has great taste and good timing.  As comfortable as they are cute, these wedges were exactly the pick me up I needed.
*I'm hoping in person a bright pedicure will distract from my veiny feet.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Georgia...Georgia...(think Ray Charles)

Jason is training in Georgia.  We are in Westchester, living with my family.  My entire family.

Jason came to visit and for the 24 hours he was here, the babies were in heaven.

Is It Possible That We're ALL Right?

ALL moms think it and... I get where they're coming from but...
My babies are the cutest babies.  Ever.