Wednesday, February 11, 2009

i like the word tidy, even if it doesn't describe me.

i came home to clean dishes in the sink. that feels so good (thanks jason!). i know jason would love to come home to a couch he can sit on.

guess i'll put away the laundry

Sunday, February 08, 2009


In search of delicious sugar cookie and frosting recipes. I found these on Ashley's sister's blog. They look amazing and now I need a non-chocolate recipe to go along with them.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

The One!

Before December 2007 I didn't wear hats. Actually I detested winter hats with the same intensity that I detest styrofoam. I couldn't find a cute one that kept my head warm enough to justify the static disaster left behind when I took it off. This was a dilemma--you can lose up to 60% of your body heat through your head and I never looked warm enough. In that way teenagers wearing tank tops and open toed shoes in October just don't look warm enough. Then these lovely friends gave me a hat. This hat...And now I wear the hat everywhere--doing errands, to school/work, around my cold apartment and out to dinner (pictured). I finally found (ahem, was given) the one!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Jason asked me tonight, with the no offense preface, why I don't eat healthy anymore? He went on to qualify, "Remember when we met? You didn't even eat after 8:00 and you exercised almost every day." I responded, "Is this about the hamburger I ordered for dinner?"

Yeah I remember those days. Back when I worked to have balance. I knew it wasn't about the burger. I looked around from my seat next to Jason on the love seat--the only couch we own. Dirty dishes still cluttering the sink. Scriptures untouched on the shelf. Laundry (returned folded from cleaner) still in its plastic bag. Hmmm...

The only solution I can come up with--get to being a house wife before I forget the little bits of domestic goodness that my mother subtly instilled in us. Subtly? Yes, silently modeling while maintaining that her daughters wait to marry until we graduated college, lived alone, and supported ourselves. Advice I'm glad I took. Work (with my calling a very close second) take up the majority of my time. Cleaning-forget it. Cooking--haha, when? I'm happy with bag of popcorn or a snickers bar for dinner. Exercise--maybe when its warm. Personal development? I'm lucky to keep up with personal hygiene. Life is not feeling very orderly.

Now I just need to find the connection between healthy eating and ending my career to be a childless housewife.