Friday, June 22, 2012


Last Wednesday all my best parenting tactics were completely ineffective.  I raised my voice so often that Stella kept tentatively asking, "Momma mad?"  Bedtime (finally) rolled around and as we went to say our family prayer, without prompting Anton crossed his pudgy arms high on his chest (looking extremely proud, I might add).  A tender mercy--something must be going right and I can always try again tomorrow.
Then this morning, for the first time, Stella said her own prayer.  We had already blessed the food and we looked over to see her with arms re-folded, saying,"Please bless the food...thank you for peanut butter...thank you for jam...thank you for the name of Jesus Christ, Amen."

And while I'm on the topic, can I petition for your prayers?  A few weeks ago Jason's mom got the dreaded news that her cancer is back and trying to take over her body.  Libby put it best, those Hansen women always do, when she said, "I cannot describe the sorrow that hovers over us."  The cancer is incurable but hope is not lost, we are praying the radiation treatments will work and that Cindy's body will remain strong so that she do the things she loves and be surrounded by the people who love her (and oh, there are many).

Cindy finds the good in people and makes everyone feel important and loved.  I am constantly amazed by all she accomplishes (as if her days are longer than 24 hours) and how she genuinely cares for, nurtures and embraces those she knows.  Everything she does, she does exceptionally well--gardening, cooking, hostessing, gift giving (this is a talent), organizing, and grandmothering.  She waited a long time to become "GG" and has embraced the role.  Stella, Anton, and Chloe are lucky little souls.  And so, please add your prayers to ours that the Lord will see fit to give us time.  Lots of it!