Monday, September 24, 2012

Allow Me To Introduce...

stella's imaginary friends noona and susa, practically family around our house for the last three weeks, have been replaced.  these days stella devotes all her time and love to the blablas.  they come everywhere...costco, the dinner table, playdates, church, the park.  
(come to think of it, i need to investigate washing guidelines.)

during 9i dance parties (regular occurrence) she holds one and anton bops the other up and down.  dog was put on time out this afternoon for pushing cat.  my stella is currently teaching cat (who seems to be older than dog) to fold his arms to pray, eat with a spoon, and push the elevator buttons.  and has me holding their paws, as well as hers, when we cross the street.

my favorite part is overhearing the sweet little conversations she carries on between the three of them.  
oh, and my other favorite part is when she shares one with anton (technically "Dog" is his). 

just one more favorite part, ok? 
when we go out and i insist that they stay home, stella hugs them "goodbye," assures them that mommy is coming back, and leaves them with books to read while she's gone. 

Sometimes I wish she'd stay two forever.