Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Buying Beef

   There are few grocery stores in our 'hood where I feel comfortable buying meat.  Actually, to be honest, there aren't any.  I love Harlem but I do not buy meat here.  It has to do with cleanliness, the appearance of the products, the hooves two packages over, unfamiliar wrapping...does it all sound crazy?  Now I'm between a rock and hard place. 
     Actually I'm stuck between a meatball and hard place.  I'm craving meatballs.  I want to make meatballs, feed them to friends, freeze them for later, and force Jason to have them for dinner multiple nights in a row.  Now I need beef and have to figure out where to get it.  Jason has a plan--Best Yet, a new grocery store in Harlem.  Jason's rationale....
1. It's new.
2. Margy buys meat there (this got my attention).
3. They have an escalator.

      An escalator?  That sounds pretty legit.  I'll consider it.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


a.  make cavatelli and meatballs
b.  go for a long walk
c.  write thank you notes to my dear kindergarteners
d.  think of a name for Bun, or at least a top 3 list
e.  pack our hospital bag
f.  visiting teach
g.  make a hair appointment

a.  watch at least one episode of Law & Order
b.  make the bed
c.  explain to asking friends/relatives why we don't have a nursery**
d.  eat salad with balsamic grilled chicken for lunch
e.  take a nap
f.  drink more water

** A true nursery is a luxury that not many (in our situation) have in the city.  For the first year, Bun gets a pack n'play, a dresser (that matches her mother's) with a changing bad on top, a shelf for books and a few baskets of toys.  We don't have bedding or colors or cute prints or a crib even.  Our future children will probably have those things and I may feel a brief twinge of guilt for depriving our first child of darling accessories.  But then I'll remind myself that our first child gets to be born in Washington Heights with views of the city skyline.  That beats a crib, right? 

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Insert Catchy Title Here

spring break is here.  dalton is closed for two weeks and by the time it reopens, we'll have an actual baby and i'll be on leave.

after three rainy days, the sun is finally shining.  i'm thinking of going outside for a walk.

i'm also thinking about starting a load of laundry, possibly writing a few more thank you notes...  

all fleeting thoughts.  for now i'm on the couch, watching last night's american idol and munching popcorn.  lamenting the lack of a name for bun and wondering when this nesting thing is going to kick in.