Monday, May 31, 2010


Looks like she may have inherited it from Poppy....

Monday, May 24, 2010

Uncle Jared

"I'll be Uncle Jared, ok?"  Absolutely.   Then after I snapped this picture and took a seat next to them.  "Can I talk to her?"  Another yes!  "Are you gonna listen?" I nodded.  I knew he wouldn't mind.  Here was the conversation...

"Listen, Stellie.  Grow up to be like your mom.  And come to church.  You gotta come to church to learn about the gospel and Jesus Christ.  And don't smoke at church. (I interjected here that we're hoping she doesn't smoke anywhere).  Just don't smoke cigarettes.  It isn't good for you."  

As much as I didn't want to end the advice session, it was time to change her diaper.  Jared maturely stated, "Oh, I got her. You just go and I'll carry her."  

If only I was relaxed enough to let him carry her.  I promised myself that I'd let Uncle Jared carry around our next child.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Made You Look

The Pediatric Physical Therapist told us to encourage Stella to look to her left to assist in the recovery from her shoulder dystocia. I think this did the trick.

Who needs fancy books and pictures. The incredibly creative Erica made do with a free sheet of paper from Ernst and Young and a sharpie.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Focus, Erica. Focus.

I'm writing end of the year school reports.  Well, trying to write them.  But it is so hard with this cuteness around.  Then she falls asleep and I just want to take pictures of her. 

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Myth of Second Nature

Here I am. My first Mother's Day. In honor of the occasion, Jason made a delicious lunch--grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches. Then, while Stella napped, we watched Hot Fuzz. And he (and Stella) gave me a new water bottle and Shape-Up sneakers (because weeks ago I mentioned them, not because he thinks I need them).

In the six short weeks I've been a mother countless people have asked, "Isn't it second nature?" I have a few patented responses that I dish out depending on my mood that day. More accurately, depending on Stella's mood that day.
Sure. Some of it is second nature. For instance, thinking she's adorable and perhaps diaper changing (but I think that has more to do with years of babysitting than motherly instinct.) So as much as I love being a mother and Stella, I don't think much of it is second nature. At least for me. I'm putting the pieces together as we go, relying on advice from friends, winging it, asking the pediatrician, and when all else fails, going for a nice long walk. That stroller stalls many a melt down.
Our life right now is like a science project. Changing one variable at a time to see which has a positive outcome.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

several people have commented (off-blog) about this picture.   after i posted it, jason requested that it be removed because it looks nothing like stella.  he happens to be right (thank heavens!).   and those of you who have suggested it come down because it is unflattering are right too.  but it's staying.  actually i'm posting it again.  i love this picture.  every time i look at it, i smile (and laugh).  i love the way her little hand and foot are both curled.  how round her sweet little face looks. 

and maybe, in part, i smile because it looks nothing like her. 

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Same-Same but Different

Noelle came for a visit and it was fabulous.  It's not always fabulous to have a visitor.  It's not always fabulous to spend four days with your sister....or any best friend, for that matter.   We ate Patsy's, shopped, talked about Thailand, watched The Dog Whisperer (maybe teared up a little during The Dog Whisperer), and laughed about being "same-same but different."

Stella adored Noelle.  What's not to love?  She sang Back Street Boys to her, rocked her, and played dress up in girly clothes. I adored Noelle, too.  She saved my sanity during Stella's crying spells, massaged my crinked neck, did the dishes in record time and reassured my that the baby acne was not that bad.  Of course, I realize now, she was lying about the acne.  

Noelle and I are good at a lot of things.  (Angelique is too.)  Noelle, like our mother, becomes consumed with an craft and hones that skill before moving on to the next thing.  Currently she is purchasing absurd amounts of old furniture to refinish/reupholster.  I digress.  This weekend we found something we are not good at.  We thought, "How hard can it be to set up a baby shoot?"  The answer is very.  This was one of our better shots.  I'll just leave it at that.

We miss you, Noelle.  Come back soon with Uncle Matt.

The Proof Is In The Pack N' Play*

I jolted awake at 5:20 this morning.  First thought--Did Jason feed Stella?  Second thought--Is Jason late for golf?  Our "alarm" didn't go off.  And by that I mean Stella didn't wake up @4:00 to eat.  For the past three weeks, like clockwork, Stella passes out around 10:45 and wakes up to eat at 4:00.  Yet last night, on the eve of her 5 week birthday, she fell asleep at 10:30 and slept through the night.  Right. On. Through.  

I kept glancing at the clock.  I called my mom at 7:15 just to make sure I shouldn't wake her.  I touched her head to make sure she wasn't feverish.  Can you even feel a fever on a baby's forehead? 

And finally, at 8:30 her little eyes drifted open and she looked about for a few minutes.  She slept for a grand total of 10 hours.  I feel like a new person.  And please, please Stella...let this be a trend. 

*alternate title: Happy Mother's Day Indeed

**Jason was supposed to wake up to go golfing at 5:00.  He was late for golf.