Monday, August 24, 2009

an addition to the list of things we like....

we just returned from a week long family vacation in biddeford, maine. despite the uncharacteristic heat wave and huge mosquitoes, we had a terrific time. here are a few of the things we liked...
family day at the driving range and for jason, early morning golf excursions. adirondack chairs. this one was painted like a lobster (how clever.)
decorative buoys.
smooth rocks. they would have been perfect for painting.
kayaking. even though mike, the NYC business man turned hippie, wanted to take us on a spiritual voyage ("not religious") not a kayaking adventure. we only had two falls into the frigid water. guess who it was?
touring the pemaquid lighthouse. you may recognize it from the maine quarter.
fresh squeezed lemonade. the official recipe seems to be 3 tablespoons of sugar, 2 shot glasses of fresh lemon juice, about 10 oz. water, and ice. shake and enjoy.
fried clams. the best we had were at The Ramp but in my opinion, it is hard to find a BAD fried clam. other items of incredible deliciousness: blueberry pies, the produce (especially corn), grilled hot dogs, and lobster. although after last week's indulgence, i can probably go a full year without seeing a lobster and be perfectly happy.
family time...especially that these two came all the way back from SLC.

not pictured but enjoyed....
-long bike rides
-getting the nicolais hooked on the gardner family card game. i got in some Rook practice for the family reunion. although i still have to work on my inclination to overbid...and cheat.
-getting tan (sort of)
-the freeport outlets!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


We would strongly recommend you see...
However, we would not recommend that you see...
The best part was that we got to go with Ali.

We also took China Town by storm, visited Union Square twice, viewed NYC from Top of the Rock, giggled through Paper Hearts, spent an hour in Sephora and had an all around fabulous time. Come back soon, Ali!