Sunday, December 20, 2009


twenty-six years ago today, my life changed forever.
i was no longer the baby of the nicolai family and noelle's arrival guaranteed my life would never be boring.this sassy little thing has never been boring! she's intense, clever, a devoted friend, crafty, smart, always on the go, full of ideas (some better than others but she tried them all), and a wonderful little sister (i didn't always think so but i KNOW better now).
i was going to look for a (as in one) cute picture of her but i found so here's a little tribute.

remember that amazing pillow i mentioned...

i leapt as soon as it was out of the box! even matt couldn't resist trying it out.
'tis the season!

Friday, December 18, 2009

One Week and Counting

In honor of the seven days remaining until Christmas, I decided to list 7 of the things that have made my happy this season (thus far and in no particular order)...

1. receiving the most amazing pregnancy pillow ever--i'll probably sleep with it for the rest of my life
2. my new, and most favorite, ornament and our first family tree

3. the Nicolai family Christmas party. as usual, i slacked on the pictures but did get this one of my mom's delicious, huge snowball cake
4. these two triumphantly returning for a holiday visit and the adventures that followed
5. making Christmas treats with Jason--even if it wasn't the "1, 2, done" process we envisioned and we were forced to abandon the project midway. as you can see, it wasn't for lack of thoughtful preparation...

6. two weeks off from school two. weeks. off.
7. meeting peter! the steak was as magical as legends imply and the broccoli, creamed spinach and onion rings weren't bad either.

Friday, December 04, 2009

3:00 Snack(s)

I had one of those afternoons.
And a snack isn't complete without...