Wednesday, April 29, 2009

From the middle of the world

Work has me spending nearly two weeks in Quito, Ecuador. Traveling is just not the same when left to explore on your own. Standing on the equator wont be nearly as fun without Erica.

Did you know Quito was the first city to be named a UNESCO World Heritage Site ( and its elevation of 9,350 ft is more than twice that of Salt Lake City (even higher than Snowbird)? Stash that away for some random trivia knowledge.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Highly recommended...

We have a friend. She likes to write. She contributes to this blog:

I particulary enjoyed today's entry. Check it out.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

A Sunday conversation...

Today Erica and I went to the Harlem chapel to watch the morning session of Conference. Just as the session was coming to an end I had the following conversation with an 8 year old that was sitting with us (as he does every Sunday).

8yr old: You got a sister?
Me: Yes
8yr old: You got a brother?
Me: Yes
...8yr old continued to ask me about cousins, uncles, aunts and any other type of relative he could think of...
8yr old: You got a wife?
Me: Yes, you know that. Erica is sitting next to you.
8yr old: You got a ex-wife?
Me: [trying not to laugh] No.
8yr old: You got a girlfriend?
Me: No, I have a wife. When you have a wife your are not supposed to have a girlfriend.
8yr old: Yes you can.
Me: No you can't.
8yr old: I got one.
Me: What's her name
8yr old: Her name Beyonce.

A few minutes later he was playing with Erica's hair as he says.

"You really should go get your hair done by the Africans."

I hope this 8yr old continues to sit with us.