Tuesday, December 18, 2012

coming home.

my sister planned a killer family holiday in st. lucia.  everyone should have a sister like noelle.  i'll tell you, that girl is a doer. 
i took this picture. which speaks to the islands' natural beauty
the week was amazing--rainforests, snorkeling, private beaches, etc. on saturday we swam all morning, flew all evening and finally landed around midnight.  the babies snoozed (thank goodness but how do you get two sleeping toddlers and ALL. THAT.  STUFF.  off the plane).  
so here we are.   home.  
i love to travel.  i just hate getting there.  and getting back.  
and getting back to real life.  
i have a mountain of laundry to do.  actually, make that a mountain range.  
i've have to forgo Christmas cards this year.  i don't want to but i have to be realistic or get a personal assistant for the week.

i'll focus on this loveliness instead.
Jason & I made chocolate at the Rabot Estate.  Specifically Jason ground like a demon to turn his cocoa nibs into liquid to make chocolate while I took pictures and got scolded for chatting.  
St. Lucia's version of Cinque Terre.
Our boy knows how to unwind. 


Oliver & Margy said...

Looks so amazing. That last picture of Stella is absolutely adorable. I'm really happy you were all able to go and enjoy. I'd love to go on a Noelle vacation someday. How wonderful!

noelle regina said...

i want to go back.