Saturday, October 20, 2012

Anton Overload (18 month catch up)

my boy. 12 months ago.
 Anton 567 days old.  Or 81 weeks.  Or 18 months and 20 days.  
In other words, not a baby anymore (sniff, sniff).  
Today after conking out in the stroller ~8 minutes after refusing to nap, I scooped him up to lay him on my bed (because he just sleeps soooo well propped in our pillows).  As I picked him up, he wrapped his arms around my neck, held tight and nuzzled in.  My heart immediately turned to a puddle of love sauce and my eyes got watery.  That's our boy.  A lover.  
18 months--to the day.
How can I capture Anton's affectionate, easy going* nature in a blog post? 
Here are a few of my favorite things, for the record books.  
You know, before I forget.... 
- Anton is ALWAYS dancing.  He signs and says "moh" to keep music going.  He even dances along Stella's scream-singing which cracks me up.  With proper space, he side skips around swinging his arms up and down (think of the monkeys).  Usually he is without proper space and just bobs to the street beats and grocery stores tunes in the stroller.
- His smile, dimples and curly hair melt my heart.  Every single expression is 100% precious.  (I'm his mom so it's legal for me to make declarations like that).  See what I mean?
Love.  Photos by the talented Haley Miller
- The high pitched "uh-huh" he uses for yes, does not match his stocky build.  He continues to tip the charts at 35.5 inches and 33 lbs.
- Beaded necklaces are his favorite accessory.  He likes to have one (or three) on at all times.
- New situations are not his cup of tea.  For that matter, neither are new people.  We went to a neighborhood story time and while his sister danced around the room, Anton looked skeptical and alternated between clinging to my neck and sitting in my lap (squished up against me).  He kept whispering bye-bye and reaching for my bag, as if to say, "Get your stuff, we're leaving."
- Anton loves anything related to balls.  Particularly ba-ba-ball (basketball) which he chants as we approach or pass any playground.  He is also obsessed with garbage and fire and scooters.  Such a boy.
minutes before his first hair cut.
- He continues to adore Stella.  And as he frustrates her less with accidental demolitions, she's wanting him to participate in her games more.  I melt when I hear, "Come on, Anton." or "Have you seen Corduroy, Anton?" or "Come get snack, Baby Brother."
- Other than Greek yogurt and meatballs, he generally prefers a vegetarian diet. His favorites include avocados, blackberries, peaches, mashed cauliflower and minestrone soup. 
- He is tickled by his new found communication skills and must say >100 words.  The general public (and close friends and family) can understanding about 5% of those words.  We're working on articulation.  I die every time he says sweatshirt.  He knows body parts, clothes, animal sounds, food items, and modes of transportation.  The stuff that matters in life.  He smiles, nods, and beams in general when I acknowledge understanding what he said. 
- Without a bottle at 4a.m, he wakes for the day at 5:30.  So...he gets a bottle at 4a.m.  Naps are touchy so I let him fall asleep in the stroller or watching t.v. on my bed.  That goes against the advice of every baby book on my shelf but I don't care because usually my kids nap together for 2.5-3 hours.  And that keeps this mama sane.
sleeping beauty.
I can't pretend life has been easy.  Two babies in twelve months has meant a lot of crazy days.  Days where dirty dishes and laundry pile high.  Days that end with all of us in tears (usually not Jason).  Days where I've had to remind myself that people (lots of people) plan to have babies a year apart.
Even so, trying to imagine life without this little boy and that happy smile makes me tremendously sad.  I am beyond blessed to be Anton's mom, to hold his hand during this wonderful and fleeting stage, and I know he is exactly what our little family needed. 


Ghislaine Malinowski said...

I'm crying here reading about what a blessing Anton is. I LOVED learning about what he likes. It just made me go over to Adrian and watch him sleeping for a moment. Jut awesome.

noelle regina said...

this post makes me want to chant TONY TONY TONY! i love it. sweet little tender thing that he is.

Marci Joy said...

He is the cutest.

Oliver & Margy said...

What a love! You make it look so easy.

Gardner's Compost said...

Beautifully written Mom! My heart melts not only every time I lay eyes on that double dimpled, curly haired all-boy fellow, but just imagining him in my mind, which I do often, sends a melting flame to my heart.

Gardner's Compost said...

Beautifully written Mom! My heart melts not only every time I lay eyes on that double dimpled, curly haired all-boy fellow, but just imagining him in my mind, which I do often, sends a melting flame to my heart.

Ashley said...

Oh my, what a beautiful post! It makes me love that sweet boy & I've hardly seen him. Your kids really are some of the cutest I've seen.